Discover all Uulki rollin pins, fro msilicone or wood, with or without rotating handles, small or large, for hobby bakers and professional bakers

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uulki baking set silicone

Uulki Baking Utensils Set from Wood and Silicone (5-pieces )

  • Rolling pin made from beech wood
  • Whisk with unique design: access all corners of your pan
  • Spatula with wooden grip and flexible silicone head
  • Dough scraper and cutter: easily cut and shape dough, decorate cakes
  • Pastry and basting brush with wooden grip: for basting and glazing pastry
uulki french wooden rolling pin

Uulki French Wooden Roling Pin from Beech (45 cm)

  • Perfect long wooden rolling pin for both the professional and hobby chef
  • As a result of its length also suitable for big dough sizes and as a pizza roller
  • 100% natural: made from bright, untreated beech wood
  • Sturdy and with a long-span
  • Hygienic and food conatct safe: wood is naturally antibacterial
  • Made in Europe from wood from sustainably managed European forests
uulki silicone rolling pin

Uulki Non-stick Rolling Pin from Wood and Silicone (Blue)

  • Dough does not stick to the silicone roller
  • Make dough with uniform thickness
  • Revolving silicone roller, wooden handles
  • Rolling pin can be chilled in the freezer
  • For dough, cakes, pastries, crusts, cookies, fondant, biscuits, also use as pizza roller, ….