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Kitchen and homeware made of sustainable local wood &
Natural plant-based maintenance oils and waxes for wood and cast iron
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Starting from our passion for sustainability, we make wooden kitchen and homeware, and maintenance oils and waxes. Our products are natural, plant-based and as much as possible from local origin.

Our story

Each single day, we are 100% committed to creating a better planet with our Uulki brand

In 2015, we started Uulki after a search for more sustainable kitchenware in our home. We were looking for authentic products that gave us a warm and honest feeling.

More wood, less plastic

During our quest, we had to conclude that a lot of kitchen and homeware is made from plastic. Plastic is problematic for our environment since it does not decompose and creates problems for animals. We wanted to create sustainable alternatives and decided to make Uulki products from wood. Wood is a warm and heartwarming material. Moreover, wood is biodegradable and decomposes after some time.

Natural and plant-based raw materials

We also noticed that a lot of plastic homeware is easily broken and thrown away. We don’t believe in a throw-away society, but want our products to last as long as possible. For this reason, we soon started to develop our own range of wood care oils and waxes. Uulki products differ from traditional care products, because they are made from natural and plant-based raw materials.

Let us inspire you with our products on the road to more sustainability!

Discover the 9 unique characteristics of Uulki products



Our kitchen utensils and homeware are made of wood, a natural renewable resource.



We choose mostly natural raw materials for our wood maintenance products.


Plant-based raw materials (vegan)

Our care products are free from animal based ingredients.


Made in Europe

We manufacture our products in Europe as to keep our (transport) ecological footprint as low as possible.


Local origin

We use only wood from European forests. The ingredients of our care products are sourced locally whenever possible.

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Top notch quality

The quality of our products is our major concern. We follow strict quality control during production and packing.



Uulki products are simple yet functional, as opposed to redundant, cool or short-lived gadgets.


Tradition relaunched

We launch traditional wooden products with proven functionality into the 21st century. Because there’s no reason to reinvent great products that have been used by our grandparents since centuries.


Friendly prices

We want everyone to enjoy sustainable, ethical products. Therefore, we maintain friendly prices.

Uulki: an ethical company?

We are driven by a passion for wood, as well as a passion for sustainable, authentic, social & emphatic entrepreneurship. Whenever we create a product, make a decision, or choose a business partner, we keep in mind the 4 Uulki values:


We care for the environment. We strive to make sustainable products with minimal impact on the environment and all its living beings. We choose natural, renewable, robust, and plant-based (vegan) products from mostly local origin. We also manufacture locally, in Europe.



We cherish authenticity and simplicity. We create simple, authentic products based on traditional tools. All Uulki products are simple and functional, as opposed to redundant, cool or short-lived gadgets. We also do our best to preserve our authenticity as a person. We believe that being humble is a great quality in entrepreneurship and keeps us focused on our true business goals.



We highly value empathy and try our best to take empathic actions. We put lots of value on customer centricity, quality dialog with our employees, and equal partnerships.


Social entrepreneurship

We do our best to combine leading a healthy business with social entrepreneurship. We give chances to people who have special needs or need more intensive coaching.