Natural care for wooden cutting boards

Natural Food Safe Plant-based Wood Wax for Chopping Boards, Kitchenware, and Countertop

Uulki natural wood wax is the perfect wood care for all your wooden chopping boards and kitchen utensils. A wooden chopping board can be very sturdy, but it suffers a lot… On the one hand, a wooden cutting board suffers lots of scrapes and knocks in a household. On the other hand, it comes into contact with water during cleaning, which is not pleasant for the wood. Uulki natural wood wax addresses these two issues: it gives wooden cutting boards and wooden kitchen utensils a nourishing, protective layer as a result of which your wooden kitchenware will have a longer lifespan. That’s great news for your chopping board, your wallet and the environment!

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FEATURED PRODUCT: Uulki beech wood chopping board “parallelogram”

Having a nice wooden chopping board in your kitchen will motivate you to do more home cooking. We are sure of this. Cooking with fresh ingredients tastes better, and it’s healthier. We all try to eat more fruit & veg, but it often seems like a lot of work. It does not have to be this way … Give your fruit a quick rinse, chop coarsely, blend in a blender (or use a hand blender). Done! Takes just a few seconds.

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