What can Uulki do for your company?

We are open to different kinds of partnerships as a means of spreading our message of sustainability. Read below what what we can do for your organization.

Retail: care products

Become retail partner for our ecological oils and waxes

Private label

Private label of oils & waxes: personalised or adapted formulas

Bulk and customisation

Ecological oils and waxes tailored to your production process

retail private label wood care oils waxes

Retail: wooden products

Become retail partner for sustainable wooden Uulki products


Promotional branded merchandise items made of wood

Corporate gifts

Corporate, end of year and tailored gifts solutions made of wood

1. Do you want to become a retail partner for Uulki oils & waxes?

Uulki ecological oils and waxes are made from natural, plant-based raw materials from premium quality. They are non-toxic compared to traditional synthetic oils and waxes, meanwhile they maintain their performance. We develop and manufacture oils and waxes for wood and cast iron in our production unit in Gent.

Contact us without obligation for more information on retail opportunites of Uulki oils and waxes.

2. Are you interested in a private label of our wood oils and waxes?

Do you want to sell one of our oils and waxes for wood or cast iron as part of your brand? Or are you looking for an oil or wax as add on for your wooden products? We offer private label for medium to high volumes.

Contact us without obligation for more information on private label solutions of oils and waxes.

3. Interested in ecological wood care and finishing solutions for your production process?

We advise you on the best ecological wood oil or wax for your specific application. Together we research the best application (spraying, dipping, …). Do you need larger volumes? We listen to the specific challenges of your production process in order to work out a solution which is tailored to your needs. We start with creating a sample which you can test in your production environment. If necessary, we finetune our wood oil or wax until it fully meets your needs.

Contact us without obligation for advice or tailored wood care solutions.

4. Do you want to become a retail partner for wooden Uulki products?

Do you want to sell our wooden products in your store or webshop? Our wooden kitchen and homeware items are perfect alternatives for plastic or other synthetic products. Wooden products have been used by our ancestors since ages and as such have proven their quality and functionality. With Uulki we translate these traditional wooden items into 21st century products. We only use wood from sustainably managed forests in Europe. Since we also manufacture in Europe, we can minimize our ecological (transport) footprint. At the moment, we mainly offer kitchenware, but we are constantly expanding our range. Our wooden shoe horns are nice examples of this.

Contact us without obligation for more information on retail possibilities of wooden Uulki products.

5. Are you looking for promotional branded merchandise made of wood?

Most of our wooden products are the perfect candidates for promotional merchandise. This is because our products are useful to everyone. And the longer someone uses your promotional item, the better. In this way, your brand is visible to your target audience for a considerable amount of time. We do not offer redundant gadgets, but sustainable products that anyone can use, such as wooden cooking spoons, spatulas, barbecue tongs, shoe horns, … For larger volumes, we happily personalise wooden items with your logo or brand name.

Contact us without obligation for more information on wooden promotional merchandise items.

6. Looking for corporate, end of year gifts or other tailored solutions?

Our wooden products are popular corporate and end of year gifts. That’s because the giver knows that our wooden products are useful to everyone. We don’t offer redundant hypes or easily worn out gadgets, but long lasting sustainable items, such as wooden spatulas, shoe horns, cooking spoons, … In this way, your end of year or other corporate gift will make you remembered for a long time. We happily personalise our wooden products with your logo or company name. In case you are interested in wooden products without a logo, that’s possible too.

Contact us without obligation for more information on corporate, end of year or other tailored gift solutions made of wood.

What makes our products sustainable?

Creating sustainable products is the driving force behind Uulki. To us sustainability means that:

We create sustainable robust wooden products

We make products from wood, a renewable resource. We only choose wood from sustainably managed European forests. Since wood is a sturdy material, our products can be used for many years to come. Likewise, we can rest assured that our wooden kitchen and homeware products will decompose naturally when they’re worn out.

We use natural materials

In order to extend the lifetime of our wooden products, we developed care products. These are mainly made from natural raw materials.

We manufacture locally

All wooden Uulki products are manufactured in Europe, from European wood. We source the ingredients for our care products locally whenever possible. In this way, we keep our (transport) ecological footprint as low as possible.

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