Uulki care products for wooden kitchenware

There are a lot of products in stores that are meant to maintain your wooden kitchenware. Uulki goes one step further than most and went looking for ecological wood care products. All three products, Uulki pure tung oil, Uulki wood oil and Uulki wood wax, are completely plant-based. Because of this they’re not only safe for the environment but also for ourselves. Use wood oil to hydrate your wooden surfaces and wood wax to additionally put a water resistant layer on top. Tung oil also gives your wooden product full protection but also makes the colour of the wood darker. The choice is yours!

The importance of finishing wooden kitchen utensils

Treating your wooden objects with oil and / or wax is important for the shelf life of the product. The better you take care of your wooden kitchenware, tables, countertops, cutting boards, …, the longer they will last and the less money you’ll need to spend on new kitchen utensils! Win win!

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