Cast iron care maintenance: cleaning and seasoning your pot or pan

Cast iron care: how does it work? A cast iron pot or pan needs a specific treatment, so you can enjoy it for years to come. The Uulki cast iron oil and scrub can help you with that! Read all about it in our tips on maintenance and seasoning of cast iron cookware.

Burning cast iron with “seasoning” oil

Cast iron cookware has a fragile non-stick coating. By treating it with Uulki cast iron oil, you can maintain this non-stick coating perfectly so you’re food won’t get burned. In addition, the oil treatment will also protect your pots and pans against rust.

Rinse cast iron cookware with scrub

To get rid of the grease in your cast iron pots or pans, you can’t use regular dish soap, because it affects the non-stick layer. The Uulki natural cleaning scrub is a mild alternative that rinses deeply antibacterial. Use a little scrub and water for a sparkling clean result!

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