Uulki furniture oils are natural, plant-based and non-toxic for your health

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Uulki linseed oil wood protection

Uulki Extra Pure Linseed Oil | A Universal Oil Finish for Wood, Concrete, Metal, Stone, Terracotta | Also the perfect Base Oil for own Blends (transparent – 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 L)

  • Extra pure: premium linseed oil free from impurities
  • A natural, non-toxic linseed oil free from dryers, additives and solvents
  • A universal traditional oil for any type of wood, such as pine, walnut, beech, teak, cedar, beech, plywood, …
  • Protects unfinished wood surfaces against scratches, nicks, and water spots.
  • Is the ideal base for own mixtures with other oils or solvent, or as a base for homemade paints or stains
  • Also perfect for protecting metal tools from rust
  • Can also be used on stone, concrete, terracotta tiles, metal
uulki pure tung oil

Uulki 100% Pure Tung Oil – for Wood in Home and Garden – Natural, Food Safe, Vegan (250 ml, 500 ml, 1 L)

  • 100% pure tung oil for house and garden
  • Natural, non-toxic, hard wearing and long lasting
  • Water resistant wood finish
  • Provides a long lasting matt finish with a slight golden tint
  • Applying tung oil is easy: see instructions below
Uulki natural wood oil for indoor furniture

Uulki Natural Wood Oil for Indoor Furniture (colourless, 250 ml)

  • 100% natural and plant-based ingredients (vegan)
  • Is free from solvents and petroleum by products, and is completely safe for your health
  • Transparant, enriches the wood grain and gives deeper contrast and a soft lustrous finish
  • Protects the wood against drying out and extends its lifetime
  • For indoor wooden furniture: cupboards, tables, beds, chairs, worktops, doors, wood decorations & turning projects, ...
Uulki natural wood cream for indoor furniture

Uulki Natural Wood Cream for Indoor Furniture (colourless, 250 ml) – The Best of Oil & Wax for Quick Touch up or Repair

  • The best of furniture oil & wax in a nourishing wood cream
  • Quick and easy treament, touch up or repair of a wooden surface or a small spot
  • The oil nourishes the wood pores and protects against drying out
  • The wax gives stains and abrasians less chance and provides more contrast and a lustrous finish
  • 100% natural and plant-based ingredients (vegan), safe to work with
  • For all types of indoor wooden furniture