Bowls from wood: elegant, practical, eco-friendly, Uulki!

Bowls made from wood are beautiful and practical gifts for everyone. Because who can’t use a bowl in the kitchen for fresh fruits, a delicious salad or as charming decoration? These wooden beauties are ecological, since they’re made in Europe from wood from sustainably managed European forests. A wooden bowl is a real asset in your home and adds extra warmth in your kitchen or interior!

Fruit, salad, serving, or decorative bowl?

Wooden bowls have plenty of qualities! While one bowl makes a great serving bowl, another one may function at its best as a decorative piece. Yet, other bowls are at their turn the perfect fruit or salad bowl. Every wooden bowl is a piece of art, with its unique function, shape and colour!

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uulki wooden decorative bowl

Uulki Wooden Decorative Bowl with Bark UUTA | 17 cm

  • Unique handmade wooden decorative bowl
  • Pure & raw: with split ends
  • Only 1 piece available
  • Also suitable as a fruit bowl or serving bowl
  • After treatment with wood oil, also suitable as salad bowl
  • Ecological: made in Europe from sustainable European wood
  • Longest side is 17 cm
uulki wooden serving bowl

Uulki Multifunctional Wooden Serving Bowl with Bark UUMA | 20 cm

  • Unique wooden fruit bowl “Uuma”: only 1 piece available
  • Elegant bowl with rough bark edge
  • Use as serving, fruit, or decorative bowl
  • Can be used as a salad bowl after treatment with wood care
  • Ecological: made in Europe from sustainable European wood
  • The longest edge is approx. 20 cm

Uulki Wooden Bowl with Bark | UULRICA | 20 cm

  • Unique wooden bowl “UULRICA”: only one piece available
  • High model with subtle bark edge
  • Can be used as a fruit, serving, decorative, or maybe a salad bowl
  • Made in Europe
  • Length of the longest edge 20 cm
uulki wooden fruit bowl

Uulki Wooden Fruit Bowl with Bark | UUMBERTO | 25 cm

  • Unique wooden bowl “Uumberto”: only 1 piece available
  • Elegant model with bark edge
  • Use as fruit, serving, decorative, or salad bowl
  • Length of longest edge 22 cm
  • Made in Europe