Find the perfect eco-friendly gift for every kitchen chef!

Do you have a kitchen chef in your home or among your friends or family? In that case you’ll definitely find the perfect gift here! Discover our wide range of kitchenware with the most diverse functions. Stirring, serving, mixing, cutting, baking, … you can do it all with our wooden cooking spoons, cutting boards, spatulas, rolling pins, etc. Because our kitchen utensils are made from wood, they are safe to use, even for children. Many kitchen chefs are delighted to receive Uulki kitchen utensils as a gift: hobby cooks, professional chefs and even your own little sous chef!

Wood: an ecological alternative for plastic, metal and bamboo

The wooden Uulki products are made from European wood, originated from sustainably managed forests. So they are extremely ecological. You would think that bamboo is already a step in the right direction, but because bamboo grows in Asia, the products are also manufactured over there. As a result, bamboo kitchen products have to defy the ocean to get to Europe and therefore they are responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions and a larger ecological footprint. Plastic and metal often won’t last as long as wooden kitchenware, or absorb unpleasant odours. On top of this, they are also hard to recycle. Wooden kitchen utensils on the other hand, can be left in nature when worn out, and will be composted like that. So surprise your beloved kitchen chef with ecologically responsible kitchen utensils rather than bamboo, metal or plastic ones. He / she will happy, the Earth will happy as well!

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uulki wooden trivet

Uulki Wooden Trivet “Fish” – Pot and Pan Coaster from Beechwood

  • Wooden trivet for pots and pan
  • Heat resistant
  • Easy to store
  • With practical handles out of rope
  • Made from European, untreated beechwood
  • A cute gift for fish or animal lovers
Uulki extra giant cooking spatula spoon

Uulki Extra Giant Cooking Spatula Spoon (80 cm) – Unique Gift Idea

  • Extra giant spatula spoon from beech: 80 cm long
  • For use in large cooking pots, canning boilers, at summer camps, ...
  • Unique gift for the hobby cook, homebrewer, baker lover, ...
  • Eco-friendly cooking: beech wood from sustainable European forests
uulki giant cooking spatula spoon

Uulki Giant Cooking Spatula Spoon (50 cm) – Unique Gift

  • Giant spatula spoon from beech: 50 cm long
  • For use in large cooking pots, canning boilers, at summer camps
  • Unique gift for the hobby cook, homebrewer, baker lover, ...
  • Eco-friendly cooking: beech wood from sustainable European forests
Uulki wooden cooking spoons set cherry

Uulki Wooden Cooking Spoons Set from Cherry Wood (5 pieces)

  • Set with small and big round spoon, stirring spoon, fork, spatula-spoon
  • Big round cooking spoon and fork can be used as salad servers as well
  • Made from cherry wood, a noble wood with a warm golden colour
  • Cherry wood from sustainably managed forests in Europe: small ecological footprint
  • Makes a wonderful gift that can be used by anyone
Uulki wooden kitchen tools set deluxe 20 pieces

Uulki Wooden Kitchen Tools Set “Deluxe” (20 pieces)

  • Our “deluxe” set is a very complete set of 20 pieces cooking tools for everyday cooking and baking
  • Consists of 4 wooden cooking spoons, stirring spoon, 4 kitchen turners, pancake turner, 3 rubber spatulas, salad servers, rolling pin, lemon squeezer, BBQ tong, toaster tong, nutcracker
  • Eco-friendly: bright, untreated beech wood from European sustainable forests
  • A wonderful gift for yourself, your partner, family, friends, or a newly wed couple
Uulki wooden kitchen utensils

Uulki Wooden Kitchen Utensils Set “Basic” (10 pieces)

  • This 10 pieces “Basic” set is the perfect starter set for any household
  • 2 wooden spoons, 1stirring spoon, 2 kitchen turners, 2 rubber spatulas, salad servers, BBQ tong
  • Eco-friendly cooking utensils: untreated beech wood from sustainably managed European forests
  • Hygienic: wood is naturally antibacterial and food contact safe
  • Wooden kitchenware is suitable for use in non stick pots and pans too
uulki baking set silicone

Uulki Baking Utensils Set from Wood and Silicone (5-pieces )

  • Rolling pin made from beech wood
  • Whisk with unique design: access all corners of your pan
  • Spatula with wooden grip and flexible silicone head
  • Dough scraper and cutter: easily cut and shape dough, decorate cakes
  • Pastry and basting brush with wooden grip: for basting and glazing pastry