Pastry chefs, let our baking utensils charm you!

Pastry chefs, listen up! Does your best friend treat you with a delicious cookie or piece of cake everytime you pay a visit? Has your mom also watched every episode of ‘Bake Off’? With our Uulki baking utensils made of sustainable wood, you’ll make every passionate pastry chef happy! At every Christmas Day, birthday or any other occasion! Baking will be more fun than ever!

Discover our range of ecological bakeware

In our product range, you can find everything you need to make the best cakes, cookies, pastries, cupcakes, breads and other delicacies. Discover our rolling pins, whisks, dough scrapers, baking spatulas, dough cutters, and other baking utensils. With the Uulki baking utensils you have excellent kitchen aids. From making batters and doughs, to decorating and serving. With this ecological bakeware, every pastry chef will enjoy themselves even more while baking. We wish you lots of baking fun!

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