Small but nice gifts

It doesn’t always have to be a gigantisch gift! Smaller doesn’t always mean worse and some of our products are the perfect example of that. Think, for example, of our small shoehorns, the cute nutcracker, the handy knife sharpeners, the citrus presses, and so on! The ideal and most original gifts to bring to a housewarming party. You’ll certainly make the host happy with one of these small gifts!

Wrapping presents ecologically

It’s always nicer to get a gift that’s wrapped in a fun way! Bows, wrapping paper, gift tags, you name it! But all these things end up in the wastebasket after a couple of seconds, so they’re not that ecological. You could wrap your presents in a cloth handkerchief or a kitchen towel, that can be used after unwrapping the gift, instead. Finish off with a fabric ribbon or jute rope. To freshen up the whole thing, you could put some fresh flowers, branches or plants between the cloth and the rope. Like this they get two presents in one!

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