Bring warmth into your home with Uulki homeware

Apart from practical kitchen and baking aids, Uulki also has homeware in their range! Things like shoehorns, letter openers, tablet holders, and so on, can all be found here. All our products that fall under the ‘homeware’ category are made from wood, which can create a warm atmosphere at home. On top of that wood is also very robust and sustainable, so you can be sure that these products are of high quality! Which products do you miss in your home?

Think about the environment and choose for wooden homeware

‘Homeware’ is a very broad concept that includes many utensils. Look around and it’s full of it! Do the environment a favor and go through every object at home to see what you could replace with a wooden version. You will be surprised how much ecological alternatives exist for artificially made objects! Have a look below!

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Uulki long shoe horn wood

Uulki Extra Long Shoe Horn from European Beech Wood (63 cm)

  • Extra long shoe horn with hanging loop
  • Elegant aid to slip into your footwear
  • Prevent damage to your shoe's vulnerable counter cap
  • Shoe spoon for young and old
  • 63 cm long
Uulki shoe spoon long short

Uulki Shoe Spoon Set – Long & Short Wooden Shoe Horn Home & Travel Pack Set

  • 1 long (63 cm) & 1 short (11.5 cm) shoe spoon
  • For home and travel
  • For adults & children
  • Shoe horns from oiled beech wood
  • Easily slip into your footwear
Uulki small shoe horn wood

Uulki Small Shoe Horns from Wood (11,5 cm) – Duo Travel Pack Shoe Spoon Set (2 pieces)

  • 2 pieces of small shoe horns
  • Perfect for on the go
  • Shoe spoons for young and old
  • Easily slip into your footwear, prevent damage to your shoes
  • Each shoe spoon is 11.5 cm long