Shoe horns are back in business!

To some people shoe horns might look like relics from the past. But don’t be mistaken: shoe spoons are totally back in business! They come in handy at every age, because this dressing aid simply makes you put on your shoes a lot quicker. In addition, a shoe spoon prevents early wear on your shoes. Putting on your shoes is made easy as pie with our Uulki wooden shoe horns!

An Uulki shoe horn for adults and kids, for home and travel

Both adults and children love using a shoe horn while putting on their shoes. Some have difficulties to slip into their shoes, others like the convenience or want to prevent early wear on their shoes. At home they use the long wooden shoe horn, so they don’t need to bend down. When on the road, they make sure they carry a small shoe spoon in their bag, coat, backpack or glove compartment of their car. The small shoe horns are also beloved dressing aids for kids who are still struggling with putting on their shoes all by themselves. Discover our complete range of wooden shoe spoons below!

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