Kitchenware from European wood

Kitchenware made of wood is of all times. Uulki translates traditional wooden kitchen utensils to practical kitchen aids for our modern times. Our  wooden cooking utensils are made in Europe from wood from sustainably managed European forests. In this way we make sure that our products don’t have to travel thousands of miles across land and sea to get to you!

Hello wood, bye bye plastic !

Why are we choosing wood and not plastic or bamboo for our kitchenware? Because wood is a renewable material, on condition that the wood comes from sustainably managed forests, of course. Wood is also degradable in nature. Wood is very durable, however if your wooden kitchenware is worn out, you can leave it in nature and it will be perished without the need for energy-intensive recycling. Also, bamboo, another kind of wood, is a renewable material, but the drawback of bamboo kitchen utensils is that it’s manufactured in Asia, where the bamboo grows. This means that it has to endure a long journey to get to you. That’s why we choose wood from  Europe for our kitchenware range!

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