Baking is fun with Uulki utensils

Baking is a fun activity that brings people together. If you’re making batter for a pie, or biscuit, or you’re decorating a cake with icing or fondant… You need all kinds of utensils to make sure your baking experiment will be a great success! Uulki has all the bakeware you need: eco-friendly and made of European wood.

Discover our rolling pins, baking spatulas, dough cutters…

Yes you can make dough in a blink with one of the Uulki wooden rolling pins. It doesn’t matter if you’re making dough for pizza, pie, cookies, or cake. And to scrape the dough together, we have spatulas and dough cutters made of wood or silicone.

… brushes, and whisks

Quickly mixing ingredients or making a sauce? From now on this job is finished in seconds with the Uulki whisks. To wet your dough or to grease a dish or baking rack, you can use the Uulki brushes. For every baking need, we have the solution!

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