With the Uulki baking spatulas you scrape all dough scraps out of your bowl

Baking spatulas exist in a lot of different shapes, sizes and materials. We ourselves love the classic white baking spatula with a rubber head! Rubber spatulas are sturdier than silicone spatulas, what makes scraping dough out of a bowl or pan a lot easier. But also the silicone ones are delightful when you’re working with a softer dough or if you want to stir a fluid dough real quick.

Baking is lovely with the Uulki baking spatulas

Baking brings so many people so much joy: the hobby baker, but also all friends and family members that can enjoy his or her baking experiments. And without the use of a sturdy baking spatula all those delicious pies, cakes, cookies, biscuits, etc. would never have come about. Opt for the right baking spatula before getting started!

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