Pastry brushes from silicone

The Uulki pastry brushes from silicone would love to assist you when greasing bakings tins and baking dishes, saucing cakes, marinating when grilling and baking, and so on. Also don’t worry about your health when using our pastry brushes, because they are all food safe and very hygienic. Choose your favourite one below!

The benefits of silicone pastry brushes

Pastry brushes made from silicone carry many benefits. They absorb a lot of liquid, for example, so you don’t have to dip your brush over and over again into the liquid. The hairs of the silicone brushes also don’t stick and won’t come loose and end up in your food, like can sometimes happen with traditional pastry brushes. And last but not least: they are super easy to rinse too!

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