Rolling pins from wood

Discover our different kinds of rolling pins for all your baking experiments. Make dough and batters for pies, cakes, cookies, biscuits, pizzas, puff pastry, fondant, lasagna sheets, …

The most popular: Uulki French rolling pin 45 cm long

Our most popular rolling pin is certainly the Uulki French rolling pin without handles. The French rolling pin excels in its simplicity: an elegant wooden stick with an impressive length of 45 cm and a diameter of 4,5 cm. This rolling pin can handle all kinds of doughs, large or small. This is the perfect wooden rolling pin for professional chefs as well as hobby cooks!

Our classics: rolling pins with rotating handles

In our range you can also find the classic wooden rolling pin with rotating handles. You can choose from the heavier 43 cm long model or the somewhat smaller 40 cm long model. If you’re baking more than the average person and sometimes work with a heavier dough, you’d better opt for the 43 cm long rolling pin. If you are only baking sporadically, the lighter 40 cm rolling pin will be sufficient most of the times. Let’s get rolling!

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