Whisks are indispensable in every kitchen

Making a batter, mixing sugar glaze and vinaigrettes, whisking egg whites, we all do it from time to time. The Uulki whisks are extremely suitable for this! Thanks to their flat bottoms, they can reach everywhere in the bowl and won’t leave anything on the surface. On top of that our whisks are heat resistant! So you can also use them to make warm preparations like roux, sauces, ganache, custard, and so on!

Discover our unique ‘windmill’ whisk

This whisk has the shape of a windmill instead of the shape of a balloon and is completely flat at the bottom. This flat side ensures that you can use it to stir in low pans, pots and bowls without the content flying around everywhere. This whisk reaches every corner of your bowl, pot of pan a little bit better than the balloon shaped whisk, but both of them are absolutely adding value to the kitchen to bake and / or cook!

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