Grilling and barbecuing with Uulki

Summertime asks for barbecuing and grilling! Uulki likes to contribute with ecological grill utensils from wood, like grill tongs and barbecue tongs. And for who likes to cook with cast iron pots and pans outside, Uulki has a natural oil for seasoning and maintaining the anti-stick layer and a scrub for rinsing them.

Barbecue tongs and grill tongs from beech or cherry

Discover our barbecue tongs and grill tongs from European beech wood or cherry wood. We have tongs with a length of 30 cm, small kitchen tongs, but also broad serving tongs. Our range of grill cutlery also contains wooden spatulas and oven accessories, because those also come in handy when barbecuing.

Maintaining a Dutch oven and other cast iron cookware

What’s nicer than cooking in nature, the garden or at a camping with a Dutch oven or other cast iron cookware? And to keep your Dutch oven or cast iron cookware in a splendid condition, you can use the Uulki cast iron care products. To season and maintain the anti-stick layer we developed the Uulki cast iron oil. For rinsing we developed a scrub.

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