Uulki’s barbecue tongs help you through the summer

Uulki likes to offer you products that are useful throughout the whole year, but we also think about seasonal products. That’s why we have plenty of tongs in our range that are perfect to use during those warm summer days. Light the barbecue and grill with our narrow and / or broad barbecue tongs! Thanks to their length they’re extremely safe and you won’t burn yourself that easily. The metal pin in combination with the wood makes sure that the tongs are very sturdy and will last for a long time. But even more good news, you can also use the barbecue tongs out of season while frying inside!

Wooden barbecue tongs are hygienic

Rinsing barbecue equipment isn’t always that easy. A lot of scrubbing is often involved. With Uulki’s wooden barbecue tongs cleaning barbecue equipment becomes simple and less intensive! Wash the tongs with a sponge underneath warm streaming water with some mild soap and let them air dry after that. It’s simple like that!

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