Cutting and chopping on Uulki chopping boards

The Uulki chopping boards exist in different sizes and shapes. We have the chopping board with juice grooves in the standard size, the chopping board with slanted edges and the 2-in-1 bread cutting board and chopping board, which is a little more square shaped than the standard chopping board. On all of them you can cut vegetables and fruits easily, but the one is slightly better to cut bread on and the other comes in a little more handy for chopping. You see, there’s something for everyone!

Make your chopping boards water resistant

Chopping boards come into contact with the juices of all kinds of fruits and vegetables and are also being rinsed almost on a daily basis underneath warm streaming water. This contact with fluids can cause your chopping board to dehydrate and even crack, when no attention is paid to it. So we strongly advise you to nourish your chopping board with Uulki wood oil and afterwards additionally make it water resistant with Uulki wood wax. Like that you fully protects your chopping board and it will last a lifetime!

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