Chopping boards from beech wood are the best choice

Chopping boards are made from plenty of different materials, like plastic, natural stone and even marble, but we resolutely opt for a chopping board from beech wood. Why, you ask? Beech wood isn’t only very firm and sustainable, it’s also better for your knives! It ensures your knives to blunt less quickly than when you would use them on a stone or plastic chopping board. On top of that beech wood is also super hygienic thanks to their naturally present antibacterial properties!

Are Uulki chopping boards from beech wood better than bamboo chopping boards?

Ecologically speaking, they certainly are! Bamboo grows in Asia and that also means that the production of bamboo products happens over there. When you, as a European, buy a bamboo product, it has already traveled a lot of miles before it got to your kitchen. Uulki’s chopping boards, in contrary, are made from beech wood originated from sustainably managed forests in Europe. So they don’t have to travel as far to end up at your doorstep!

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