Uulki cocktail accessories: let the summer begin!

With the Uulki cocktail accessories at home, the summer can immediately begin. Mojitos, caipirinhas, cosmopolitans, and so on: they’re all quick and easy to make yourself with our Uulki citrus presses and the Uulki wooden cocktail muddler. Our manual citrus juicers have a pointed top, which is ideal for lemons and limes, or a blunt top, for juicing oranges. The cocktail muddler is perfect for crushing mint, basil and other herbs that give your cocktail a nice touch! Let the summer begin!

Wooden kitchenware is food safe

You don’t have to worry about whether or not wooden kitchen utensils are food safe. All wooden objects, so also the Uulki cocktail accessories, are naturally antibacterial. This doesn’t only make them super hygienic, but it also makes it safe to let them come into contact with food, drinks and ourselves!

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