Uulki cooking spoons: something for everyone

Uulki has a wide range of cooking spoons. We have, of course, the regular sized cooking spoon, but sometimes we need just a little more than the ‘regular one’. For those moments we have a large, small and giant cooking spoon in our range. They’re ideal to stir and mix in big, small or gigantic pots and pans, but are also easy to serve with. Also for sauces and batters, we have the perfect cooking spoon. In this case opt for the Uulki stirring spoon which, thanks to the hole in the middle, makes it even easier to mix your ingredients! In short, for every situation in the kitchen we have the right spoon for you!

Cooking spoons for daily use

The Uulki cooking spoons are suitable for daily use, because they’re made out of sustainable and sturdy wood. No matter how often you use them, they will certainly last for a long time! If you are worried about not being able to keep your cooking spoons clean after a while, we can put your mind at ease. Wood naturally contains antibacterial properties, which will make your wooden kitchenware hygienic forever!

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