Forks as kitchenware: surprisingly useful!

There’s a big chance that a fork doesn’t have a place in your pot full of cooking supplies yet, because this is not so common. We think it’s strange, because a fork like this comes in super handy in the kitchen! You can, for example, use it to grill on the barbecue or in the casserole, but also serving food becomes easy with these wooden forks!

The forks and spoons: a dream team

The Uulki forks have more to offer than helping you while grilling or serving, but they can’t do this by themselves! Combine a wooden fork of 30 cm with a wooden spoon with the same length and use them together as salad servers!

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uulki barbecue fork

Uulki Wooden Barbecue Fork Grill Fork from Beech (27.5 cm)

  • Wooden fork for barbecuing and grilling
  • From sustainable European beech wood
  • 27.5 cm long
  • Easy to clean
cooking spoon set wood

Uulki Wooden Cooking Spoon Set with Fork from Beech (6 pieces)

  • Complete cooking spoon set for everyday cooking for professional and hobby chefs
  • 4 wooden cooking spoons with a length between 25 and 40 cm, 1 stirring spoon and 1 fork 30 cm
  • Wooden spoons do not damage non stick or other cookware
  • Eco-friendly: made from bright, untreated beech wood from sustainable forests in Europe
  • Wooden kitchen utensils are hygienic thanks to wood's antibacterial properties