Uulki food tongs at your service

Are you looking for narrow or broad food tongs? From beech wood or cherry wood? Then your are at the right place! We have broad tongs for serving salads, pastas, burgers, and so on, small tongs to serve toast, scones, biscuits, baguettes and other baked goods, but also barbecue tongs with which you might spend countless summer nights! Our food tongs are available in as well lightly coloured beech wood as warm cherry wood, because tastes differ!

Rinsing you wooden kitchenware

Do wooden utensils scare you, because you think it is more work to clean them than plastic, metal or steel utensils, because wood is not dishwasher safe? Don’t worry! It suffices to wash your wooden kitchen utensils underneath warm streaming water with a sponge. If your kitchen aid came into contact with grease, it’s better to also use a little bit of mild soap. Afterwards, you just let it air dry! Easy peasy!

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