Cutting everyday with Uulki

Cutting vegetables, fruits and other things is something that we do daily. That’s why it is important to invest in good equipment that will last for a long time and can handle daily use, but it’s equally important to treat this equipment well. At Uulki we have a lot of utensils for you that will make cutting fruits and veggies enjoyable!

Cutting boards, knives, knife sharpeners and woodcare

If you want to cut smoothly, it’s necessary to do this with a good, sharp Uulki knife. But a knife doesn’t stay sharp forever, of course. Sometimes we will have to sharpen it and you can do this best with the Uulki knife sharpeners! Also our wooden cutting boards are good for your knives, because beech wood ensures that knives don’t become blunt that quickly. And to protect your cutting boards we have the Uulki wood oil and Uulki wood wax!

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