Cutting board care products from Uulki

At Uulki you’ll find everything you need to take good care of your wooden cutting board. If you want to enjoy your cutting board for many years, it’s very important tot take good care of it. Our cutting board care products make sure the wood stays nourished and won’t dehydrate and crack. You can also make your cutting board water resistant with the Uulki wood wax. For optimal protection, it’s best to choose for a treatment with both Uulki wood oil as Uulki wood wax. Get them quickly, because you can also use them to maintain your other wooden kitchenware!

Food safe wood oil and wood wax

If you are worried about endangering your health after treating your cutting boards with a wood care product and using the cutting board again, it’s best to opt for Uulki’s cutting board care products. These formulas consist for 100% of natural products and are completely food safe. You could drink the oil and eat the wax without damaging your body, but of course we don’t recommend this! We just want to show you that you absolutely don’t have to worry about food safety when choosing for Uulki’s wood oil and / or wood wax!

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