Sharpen your knives safely with Uulki knife sharpeners

Uulki’s knife sharpeners are designed in such a way that safety is paramount. They have a anti-slip layer on the bottom, which makes the sharpener stay in place while sharpening your steel knives. Like that accidents won’t happen anymore! Our knife sharpeners have two sharpening slots: a black one, for sharpening very blunt knives, and a white one, for a fine finish or for knives that don’t need to be sharpened that much. Our knife sharpeners come in 3 colours: modern black, fresh green and cosy red!

Uulki knife sharpeners for steel knives

It’s very important to know that the Uulki knife sharpeners are only suitable for steel knives and certainly not for ceramic knives! Ceramic knives are less likely to blunt, so it’s also not necessary to sharpen them. Would you like to avoid sharpening knives? Have a look at our range of Uulki ceramic knives!

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