Giant cookware for giant pots and pans!

Because we’d like you to offer a solution for every cooking situation, we at Uulki created giant cookware. These kitchen aids are significantly bigger than regular ktichenware and is ideal if you have to cook for very large groups. Think about camps, workshops, schools, caterers, and so on. Thanks to the length, 50 cm or 80 cm, of these spatulas they are extremely suitable to use in big and / or deep pots and pans. Save time and choose for Uulki giant cookware!

An original gift

You can buy Uulki giant kitchenware for yourself, but it’s even more fun to gift it to your youth movement, cooking crew at camp, a caterer, your school or just your family and friends! You can’t only use the giant spatulas in your pots and pans, but you could also use it as decoration in your kitchen by, for example, hanging it on the wall! A fun gift for every cooking enthusiast!

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