Uulki nutcrackers: strong, but cute

Uulki nutcrackers are capable of cracking every nut, even the ones with the hardest pericarp! They are super strong, but look very cute. And we all know that the eye also wants something! With these nutcrackers you can enjoy delicious fresh nuts anywhere anytime. They’re also nice to give as a present to as well young and old!

Why buy a nutcracker from wood?

Nutcrackers come in many materials, like plastic, metal, steel, and so on. But why would you opt for a wooden nutcracker? Is it strong enough? First of all, wood is, opposed to the other materials, a sustainable and renewable source. Also, beech wood, from which our nutcrackers are made, is a hardwood and assures you that it is strong enough to crack every nut! Finally wood also naturally contains antibacterial properties which make these nutcrackers very hygienic. Why still have doubts?