Serving effortlessly with Uulki food tongs

Serving all kinds of meals doesn’t always go as planned. It often includes food falling on the table, crumbling burgers, and so on. With Uulki’s food tongs these problems are a thing of the past! Our food tongs are very ergonomic and you have a good grip on them. It’s doesn’t take much muscle strength to squeeze them tightly, so you won’t let them loose unknowingly while serving. We have narrow and broad tongs, but we also have ‘toast’ tongs which is nice to use during breakfast. These are namely ideal for serving toast, scones, bread, baguettes and so on!

Uulki’s food tongs are ecological

Our products, so also our food tongs, are made from European wood that originates from sustainably managed forests. Also the production of our products takes place in Europe, causing our emissions to be lower while transporting our goods. So if you want to be sure of an ecological purchase, choose the products from Uulki!

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