Salad servers from cherry wood or beech wood

For your lovely (meal) salads we have our wooden salad servers for you! This set exists of a salad spoon and a salad fork with a length of 30 cm and comes in two varieties: beech wood or cherry wood. Cherry wood has a somewhat warmer glow than beech wood, but both look very rustic and will fit into every kitchen. The fork fits perfectly into the spoon, so the servers have a very good grip on your salads. Which set do you prefer?

Combine our salad servers with a unique bowl

You can’t do anything with salad servers on its own. You also need a salad bowl to serve your salads in! Our salad servers match our unique handmade salad bowls perfectly. They are designed so that shape and grains of the piece of wood stand out and they have a robuust appearance. But make your decision fast, because there’s only one of each bowl!

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uulki wooden salad servers

Uulki Wooden Salad servers from beech (2 pcs.)

  • Uulki salad servers: salad fork and salad spoon, each 30 cm long
  • Good grip thanks to the teeth of the fork
  • For medium and big salad bowls
  • With hanging loop
  • Made from untreated European beechwood
  • Looks great in every kitchen
  • Also available in cherrywood
Uulki wooden kitchen tools set deluxe 20 pieces

Uulki Wooden Kitchen Tools Set “Deluxe” (20 pieces)

  • Our “deluxe” set is a very complete set of 20 pieces cooking tools for everyday cooking and baking
  • Consists of 4 wooden cooking spoons, stirring spoon, 4 kitchen turners, pancake turner, 3 rubber spatulas, salad servers, rolling pin, lemon squeezer, BBQ tong, toaster tong, nutcracker
  • Eco-friendly: bright, untreated beech wood from European sustainable forests
  • A wonderful gift for yourself, your partner, family, friends, or a newly wed couple
uulki salad servers

Uulki Salad Servers from Cherry Wood

  • Uulki salad serving spoon and fork, each 33 cm long
  • From cherry wood
  • Wood does not damage your cookware
  • Elegant and practical
  • With Hanging loop
  • Also available in beech wood
Uulki wooden kitchen utensils

Uulki Wooden Kitchen Utensils Set “Basic” (10 pieces)

  • This 10 pieces “Basic” set is the perfect starter set for any household
  • 2 wooden spoons, 1stirring spoon, 2 kitchen turners, 2 rubber spatulas, salad servers, BBQ tong
  • Eco-friendly cooking utensils: untreated beech wood from sustainably managed European forests
  • Hygienic: wood is naturally antibacterial and food contact safe
  • Wooden kitchenware is suitable for use in non stick pots and pans too
Uulki wooden cooking utensils set

Uulki Wooden Cooking Utensils Set “Comfort” (17 pieces)

  • 4 spoons, stirring spoon, 4 kitchen turners, pancake turner, 3 spatulas, salad servers, BBQ tong, toast tong
  • Eco-friendly: bright, untreated beech wood from sustainable European forests
  • Ideal for use in pots and pans with non stick coating: wood doesn't damage your cookware
  • Hygienic, does not absorb smells, food contact safe: wood is naturally antibacterial
  • A wonderful gift for yourself, your partner, family, friends, or a newly wed couple