Wooden bowls in all shapes and colours

Wooden bowls give that little extra to every home. The warm colour and softness of the wood, the different wood contrasts, … It makes you instantly wanna fall in love! But let’s not forget that wooden bowls are real assets to your interior or kitchen! They can serve as fruit or salad bowl, serving or decorative bowl. Pick your bowl according to your needs, or choose a multifunctional bowl that does it all!

Eco-friendly bowls turned in Europe

Uulki’s wooden round-shaped beauties excell in sustainability. These bowls are not only made from wood from sustainably managed forests. They’re hand turned in Europe as to keep their ecological foot print as low as possible. By choosing an ecological bowl you too can make your ecological footprint a little bit lower. Because every small step helps along the way!

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uulki wooden decorative bowl

Uulki Wooden Decorative Bowl with Bark UUTA | 17 cm

  • Unique handmade wooden decorative bowl
  • Pure & raw: with split ends
  • Only 1 piece available
  • Also suitable as a fruit bowl or serving bowl
  • After treatment with wood oil, also suitable as salad bowl
  • Ecological: made in Europe from sustainable European wood
  • Longest side is 17 cm
uulki wooden serving bowl

Uulki Multifunctional Wooden Serving Bowl with Bark UUMA | 20 cm

  • Unique wooden fruit bowl “Uuma”: only 1 piece available
  • Elegant bowl with rough bark edge
  • Use as serving, fruit, or decorative bowl
  • Can be used as a salad bowl after treatment with wood care
  • Ecological: made in Europe from sustainable European wood
  • The longest edge is approx. 20 cm

Uulki Wooden Bowl with Bark | UULRICA | 20 cm

  • Unique wooden bowl “UULRICA”: only one piece available
  • High model with subtle bark edge
  • Can be used as a fruit, serving, decorative, or maybe a salad bowl
  • Made in Europe
  • Length of the longest edge 20 cm
uulki wooden fruit bowl

Uulki Wooden Fruit Bowl with Bark | UUMBERTO | 25 cm

  • Unique wooden bowl “Uumberto”: only 1 piece available
  • Elegant model with bark edge
  • Use as fruit, serving, decorative, or salad bowl
  • Length of longest edge 22 cm
  • Made in Europe