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We at Uulki would like to able to have a product ready for every situation. That’s why we are regularly looking for ecological products to extend our range. Below you can find the newest additions. Haven’t you found what you were looking for? Keep an eye out for this webpage, because it might be in our range the next time you look!

The right choice

While looking for new products we want to sell, we pay attention to a lot of things. We only want to offer eco-friendly products and that takes some time to find, of course. For example, we want to make sure the wood, that is used to make our products, originates from European sustainably managed forests. On top of that we also only want to collaborate with European family businesses where the working conditions are optimal. That way we are committing to as well mankind and nature!

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uulki wooden eating table spoon

Uulki Wooden Eating spoon – Eco-friendly Breakfast Soup Table Spoon from Cherrywood (17 cm)

  • Eating, table , breakfast, soup, ... spoon
  • For eating granola, muesli, cereal, oatmeal, porridge, plant-based yoghurt, smoothie bowls, soup, quinoa, rice, ...
  • Reusable for many years
  • Eco-friendly and hygienic
  • Cherrywood has a warm, natural glow
  • 17 cm long, with head 4 cm, hight 0.5 cm
uulki compact wooden cutting board with juice well

Uulki Compact Cutting and Serving Board with Juice Well from Beech Wood (35 x 22 x 2 cm)

  • Compact wooden cutting
  • Can also be used as serving board
  • Soft for your knives
  • Made from European beech wood
  • For cutting fruit, vegetables, bread, ...
  • Easy to store away
uulki barbecue fork

Uulki Wooden Barbecue Fork Grill Fork from Beech (27.5 cm)

  • Wooden fork for barbecuing and grilling
  • From sustainable European beech wood
  • 27.5 cm long
  • Easy to clean
uulki wooden mortar and pestle set

Uulki Wooden Mortar and Pestle Set (Beech)

  • Wooden mortar and pestle to grind spices and herbs
  • Grind basil, mint, cinnamon, pepper, cumin, ...
  • Also for preparing dressings, guacamole, hummus, pesto, spreads, herb dips, …
  • Stays in place on your countertops
  • Easy to rinse after use
  • Also nice for serving your preparations
uulki wooden letter opener

Uulki Wooden Letter Opener – Envelope Opener from Beech Wood

  • For opening letters and envelopes
  • Comfortable grip
  • Environmentally friendly alternative for metal and plastic
  • Quick, easy and simple
  • Nice gift for a starting CEO
  • Length 22.5 cm
uulki wooden cooking spoon set

Uulki Round Wooden Cooking Spoon Set from Beech (5 pcs.)

  • Wooden spoon set: large and small spoon, spatula spoon, fork spoon and pointed stirring spoon
  • The large spoon and fork spoon can also be used together as salad servers
  • Made from untreated European beech wood
  • Easy to rinse
  • This set is also available in cherry wood (check our shop)
uulki potato masher

Uulki Wooden Potato Masher| Crusher for Making Purees etc.

  • Potato masher with round head to reach every corner
  • For making puree or stew of potatoes, carrots, cabbage, fruits, etc.
  • Gives a lot of control over the texture of your preparation
  • Easy to rinse
  • Ecological alternative for steel or metal potato crusher
uulki wooden cooking spoons with round bowel

Uulki Cooking Spoons with Round Bowl from Cherry Wood (3 pcs.)

  • Set wooden spoons: round spoon, pointed stirring spoon (with hole) and spatula spoon
  • Handy set for beginners and professionals!
  • Warm glow thanks to the European cherry wood
  • Has a length of 31 cm
  • Doesn’t scratch your pots and pans
uulki wooden salad servers

Uulki Wooden Salad servers from beech (2 pcs.)

  • Uulki salad servers: salad fork and salad spoon, each 30 cm long
  • Good grip thanks to the teeth of the fork
  • For medium and big salad bowls
  • With hanging loop
  • Made from untreated European beechwood
  • Looks great in every kitchen
  • Also available in cherrywood
uulki wooden butter knife

Uulki Wooden Butter Knife – Breakfast Brunch & Apéritif Knife

  • Te gebruiken als botermes, ontbijtmes, brunchmes, aperitiefmes
  • Voor het smeren van spreads, tapenades, pesto’s, margarine, (kruiden)boter...
  • Hygiënisch en makkelijk te reinigen
  • Heeft een lengte van 19 cm
  • Zachte uitstraling
uulki wooden fruit press

Uulki Wooden Fruit Press – Citrus Juicer for Lemons and Limes – from Cherrywood

  • Sustainable wooden lime and lemon press
  • Nice, warm glow thanks to the cherrywood
  • For juicing lemons, limes, and other citrus fruits efficiently
  • Easy to use thanks to the ergonomic grip
  • A perfect gift for every cooking enthusiast
  • Made in Europe
uulki wooden lemon squeezer

Uulki Wooden Lemon and Lime Squeezer – Manual Fruit Press from Beech

  • Eco-friendly lime and lemon juicer
  • Make delicious juices, smoothies and cocktails
  • For juicing lemons and limes
  • Made of European beech wood
  • Easy to hold thanks to the ergonomic handle
  • Easy to clean
uulki wooden honey spoon

Uulki Wooden Honey Spoon Drizzler for Honey, Agave Syrup, and other Liquid Sweeteners

  • 15 cm long honey spoon
  • To scoop honey, agave syrup, maple syrup, corn syrup, and so on out of a jar
  • Easy to dose thanks to the grooves
  • To add natural liquid sweetener to tea, pancakes, salads or baked goods
  • Made from European beech wood
  • Easy to rinse drizzler
uulki wooden decorative bowl

Uulki Wooden Decorative Bowl with Bark UUTA | 17 cm

  • Unique handmade wooden decorative bowl
  • Pure & raw: with split ends
  • Only 1 piece available
  • Also suitable as a fruit bowl or serving bowl
  • After treatment with wood oil, also suitable as salad bowl
  • Ecological: made in Europe from sustainable European wood
  • Longest side is 17 cm
uulki pure tung oil

Uulki 100% Pure Tung Oil – for Wood in Home and Garden – Natural, Food Safe, Vegan (250 ml, 500 ml, 1 L)

  • 100% pure tung oil for house and garden
  • Natural, non-toxic, hard wearing and long lasting
  • Water resistant wood finish
  • Provides a long lasting matt finish with a slight golden tint
  • Applying tung oil is easy: see instructions below
uulki wooden nutcracker mushroom

Uulki Wooden Nutcracker “Mushroom”

  • Cute wooden nutcracker in the shape of a mushroom
  • For cracking all kinds of nuts
  • Made in Europe from sustainable European wood
  • Easy to store away
  • Makes a great gift for children and adults
uulki giant cooking spatula spoon

Uulki Giant Cooking Spatula Spoon (50 cm) – Unique Gift

  • Giant spatula spoon from beech: 50 cm long
  • For use in large cooking pots, canning boilers, at summer camps
  • Unique gift for the hobby cook, homebrewer, baker lover, ...
  • Eco-friendly cooking: beech wood from sustainable European forests