Unique pieces to show off

Are you looking for a unique piece to impress your guests with? Maybe you’ll find what you’re looking for among our handmade bowls! Are you more a fan of Uumberto, Uuma, Uuta or Uulrica? Be quick, because there’s only one piece of each bowl! Is your favorite one sold out? Don’t worry! We regularly supplement the range of unique pieces with their beautiful brothers and / or sisters!

These unique pieces are multifunctional

Do you want to use your pièce unique as decoration? Would you rather fill it up with delicious snacks? Are you looking for a fruit bowl or a salad bowl? This robust bowl can manage it all! Please note that if you want to use your bowl to serve fruit or salads, it is best to treat it with our Uulki wood wax. This covers the wooden surface with a water resistant layer and avoids that juices will penetrate into the wood.

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