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uulki cooking spoon spatula wood

Uulki Wooden Cooking Spoon & Spatula Set (6 pieces)

  • 3 cooking spoons & 3 spatulas from wood
  • A complete set for everyday cooking
  • From bright beech wood
  • Made in Europe
  • Each 30 cm long
cooking spoon set wood

Uulki Wooden Cooking Spoon Set with Fork from Beech (6 pieces)

  • Complete cooking spoon set for everyday cooking for professional and hobby chefs
  • 4 wooden cooking spoons with a length between 25 and 40 cm, 1 stirring spoon and 1 fork 30 cm
  • Wooden spoons do not damage non stick or other cookware
  • Eco-friendly: made from bright, untreated beech wood from sustainable forests in Europe
  • Wooden kitchen utensils are hygienic thanks to wood's antibacterial properties
Uulki wooden cooking spoons set cherry

Uulki Wooden Cooking Spoons Set from Cherry Wood (5 pieces)

  • Set with small and big round spoon, stirring spoon, fork, spatula-spoon
  • Big round cooking spoon and fork can be used as salad servers as well
  • Made from cherry wood, a noble wood with a warm golden colour
  • Cherry wood from sustainably managed forests in Europe: small ecological footprint
  • Makes a wonderful gift that can be used by anyone