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curved wooden spatula

Uulki Curved Wooden Spatula from Beech (30 cm)

  • Perfect spatula for flipping burgers thanks to the curved egde
  • Has a length of 30 cm and a width of 5,5 cm
  • Sturdy, sustainable spatulas thanks to beech wood
  • Wooden kitchen utensils don't make scratches in your favorite pans and pots
  • Fast and easy to clean
  • From sustainaable untreated European beech wood
uulki giant cooking spatula spoon

Uulki Giant Cooking Spatula Spoon (50 cm) – Unique Gift

  • Giant spatula spoon from beech: 50 cm long
  • For use in large cooking pots, canning boilers, at summer camps
  • Unique gift for the hobby cook, homebrewer, baker lover, ...
  • Eco-friendly cooking: beech wood from sustainable European forests
uulki spatula set

Uulki Spatula Set from Beech Wood – 3 Normal & 3 Slotted Turners (6 pieces)

  • 6 wooden spatulas / food turners, of which 3 slotted pieces, each 30 cm
  • Practical kitchen utensils for roasting, grilling, ...
  • Wooden spatulas do not leave scratches in your cookware
  • Eco-friendly: made in Europe from untreated beech wood from sustainable European forests
  • Robust and sturdy cooking utensils
uulki cooking spoon spatula wood

Uulki Wooden Cooking Spoon & Spatula Set (6 pieces)

  • 3 cooking spoons & 3 spatulas from wood
  • A complete set for everyday cooking
  • From bright beech wood
  • Made in Europe
  • Each 30 cm long
wooden pancake turner

Uulki Wooden Pancake Spatula from Beech Wood – Pointed Spatula

  • Narrow and pointed for flipping pancakes easily
  • Wooden kitchenware leaves no scratches in pans
  • Easy to rinse
  • Made from European beech wood
  • Hygienic and food safe
  • 32 cm long
uulki slotted spatula

Uulki Wooden Slotted Spatula from Beech (30 cm)

  • To use in grill and frying pan, griddle, ...
  • Very sturdy spatula, 0.4 cm thick
  • 30 cm long
  • Made from European beech wood from sustainably managed forests
  • A must in every kitchen
Uulki wooden spatula set

Uulki Wooden Spatula Set of Beech Wood with Pancake Turner (5 pieces)

  • A very complete food turner set for the professional and hobby chef
  • 5 wooden spatulas: small, medium flat, medium curved, extra large, pointed pancake flipper
  • Eco-friendly: made in Europe from beech wood from sustainable forests in Europe
  • Wooden spatulas do not damage your cookware
  • Sturdy and with a long lifespan: beech wood is a hardwood