FEATURED PRODUCT: Uulki beech wood chopping board “parallelogram”

Having a nice wooden chopping board in your kitchen will motivate you to do more home cooking. We are sure of this. Cooking with fresh ingredients tastes better, and it’s healthier. We all try to eat more fruit & veg, but it often seems like a lot of work. It does not have to be this way … Give your fruit a quick rinse, chop coarsely, blend in a blender (or use a hand blender). Done! Takes just a few seconds. Give your veggies a quick rinse, chop coarsely, put them in the oven, drizzle some oil on top & and add a dash of salt and pepper. Bake – and the veggies are ready! However, you need a proper wooden kitchen cutting board. Ideally it should not stain. It should not end up with splinters or cracks. It should be large enough to avoid all your veggies landing on the kitchen floor. It should not make your blades dull. We think, we have the perfect solution: our Uulki kitchen chopping board made of light coloured and extra sturdy beech wood – a kitchen classic with a modern parallelogram style design. This isn’t just the perfect present for yourself, but also highly recommended as a gift for all the frustrated boyfriends, husbands, and father-in-laws you know – whether they consider themselves total kitchen novices or experienced gourmets of the haute cuisine.



How to use the Uulki beech wood chopping board:

Everyone knows how to use a chopping board – but be careful not to hurt yourself! Our recommendation: Curl your fingers slightly and/or turn your knife’s blade slightly, so that it is at an angle pointing away from your fingers. This way you will not cut yourself.

  • If you don’t have much time, of course, you can use both sides of the wooden chopping board!
  • It’s best not to scrape your knife’s blade across the chopping board sideways – for example to push chopped veggies off the chopping board – because this scraping movement will make your blades dull more quickly. Instead you can push your veggies off the chopping board with the blade of your knife held very flat, or you can turn the blade around, dull side down, and give the food a push this way.
  • One chopping technique is to keep the tip of your knife’s blade on the board’s surface at all times and rock the knife up and down, instead of using a hacking motion. And always watch your fingertips!


Product features of the Uulki cutting board

Almost everyone owns some kind of chopping board. But a beautiful Uulki beech wood chopping board? Sustainable, light coloured, delicate grain & modern design? Our cutting board makes for a perfect gift!

  • Chopping board with slanted edges! Innovative style & more stability!
  • Wonderful, light-coloured beech wood with a delicate grain.
  • Size of the chopping board: 38 x 25 x 2 cm – not too small, tried & tested for many years, just the perfect size for household use!
  • Weight: 1700 grams – neither too heavy nor too light, top stability!

We love our Parallelogram cutting board!

Let our Uulki “Parallelogram’ chopping board be your daily friend in the kitchen. Why? Because it is made form sustainable wood and it treats your knives well. Oh, did we already mention it’s good looking?!


Natural cutting board from local wood

Mass production, plastics, dodgy contaminants? Preferably not! We at Uulki are fans of natural products and of feeling good about how we cook and what we eat!

  • Each wooden chopping board is made one by one!
  • Fair labour practices – we support small family businesses with good working conditions.
  • Regional tree harvesting & regional production of Uulki kitchenware – no long distance transport needed. This makes our ecological foot print smaller!
  • From sustainably managed forests – this means no deforestation or destruction of habitats or ecosystems!
  • Wood, not plastic – no potentially harmful contamination with plastic particles!
  • Strong & sturdy, but a lot lighter than stone chopping boards – beech wood is one of the hardest types of wood.
  • Hardwood will protect your knife’s blades. Your Uulki chopping board therefore is a treat for your knives!
  • Antibacterial properties – some natural components of wood have antibacterial properties. This is especially true for beech wood!


Love your Uulki cutting board and it’ll love you back!

Good, better, best! Our one of a kind Uulki products will get even better if they receive some tender loving care. And the good news: You can do this in no time at all! Longevity for your wooden cutting board? Yes, ma’am!

 With our Uulki wood wax (2 in 1 wood oil and wax) you can give your wood products a protective treatment. This is cheap & time saving! Treating your wooden chopping board with Uulki wood wax will make the chopping board water repellent, plus it prevents staining & your wooden kitchenware will have a long and beautiful life. This way many years from now your Uulki kitchen utensils will give you lovely memories reminding you of adventurous kitchen experiments and cherished moments with your loved ones. Even better is to give your Uulki chopping board a deep oil treatment with Uulki wood oil for cutting boards and kitchen utensils from time and time. In this way, the pores will be nourished deeply. After the oil treatment, give it a wax layer again to restore the water repellent layer of the wooden chopping board.

What are you waiting for?

If you do not call yourself the owner of a very handsome kitchen chopping board yet – it is high time to get one. At Uulki we pride ourselves on making the best chopping boards – because we are good at what we love. Our favourite is the Uulki “Parallelogram” beech wood chopping board. Would you like to impress your guests with this beauty? Do you love to protect the environment just like us? This is what we believe in & work for. And it all starts in the kitchen! One could say: It all starts with a chopping board – a good one!