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Wooden kitchenware and its benefits at a glance

benefits wooden kitchen utensils

We love wooden kitchenware … for several reasons!

Wooden kitchenware for the win! We at Uulki are not keeping it a secret that we’re a huge fan of wood! We ourselves try to replace as many items at home as we possibly can with a wooden variant. We started in the kitchen, where you can only find wooden spatulas, cooking spoons, tongs and other wooden kitchen tools now. The reason: wooden kitchenware has a lot of benefits. To help you find your way, we listed all benefits below for you. We’re sure that after reading this blog you wouldn’t want anything but Uulki wooden kitchen utensils!

rinsing wooden kitchenwareWooden kitchen utensils: the most hygienic option

A first benefit of wooden kitchenware is that it’s very hygienic. Many different studies have been carried out into this and each time had a positive result. The findings in these studies indicate that wood has naturally present antibacterial properties, making it impossible for numerous bacteria to survive on a wooden surface. After a wooden object has been exposed to bacteria, those bacteria will have disappeared after 1 to 2 hours for 99,9%. This is a trait that other (artificial) materials, such as plastic, do not have. If you ever had doubts about wooden kitchen utensils being hygienic or not, you can now let those doubts go!

Wooden kitchenware is food safe

Secondly wooden kitchenware is also completely food safe. Wood is a natural material and therefore isn’t harmful to the human body. While cooking, baking, cutting or serving it could (rarely) happen that some microscopic wood particles come loose from your chopping board, spatula or other cooking tools. Those end up in your food and after that inevitably in your body too. If this would happen with plastic kitchenware and those plastic particles end up in your body, this is not healthy at all. With wood there are not such concerns.

benefits wooden cooking utensilsScratch-free cooking with wooden cooking utensils

Sometimes you invest in a very good and high quality pan or pot that will last for ages. It would be a shame that after a few months these pots and pans wouldn’t be in the same condition as when you just bought them. That’s why it’s important to take good care of your pots and pans and choose the right cooking spoons, spatulas, baking spatulas, and so on. We can assure you that kitchen utensils made from metal or plastic are not a good idea. These will make scratches easily. Wooden cooking tools on the other hand are way friendlier! Wood will never scratch your pots and pans. Especially for your pots with an anti-stick layer it is best to opt for wooden kitchenware. But also when cooking with cast iron pots it’s important to use kitchenware that won’t scratch the bottom. With Uulki wooden cooking spoons, spatulas and food tongs you’re able to cook scratch-free every day!

Wooden kitchenware are easy to clean and care for

Even though it’s best not to put wooden kitchenware into the dishwasher, you can still manage to rinse them fast and thoroughly. You do this by scrubbing your wooden cooking spoons, spatulas, serving tongs, rollings pins, citrus presses, and so on, under warm streaming water with a sponge or brush. It’s better to not use soap, unless your kitchenware came into contact with grease. In that case you do have to use a little soap, but make sure to opt for a mild soap, so the wood won’t be affected by it. And that’s how it’s done! To avoid warping or cracking, regularly treat your wooden cooking tools with Uulki food safe wood care products for wooden or bamboo chopping boards and kitchenware.

ecological kitchen utensils jpgCooking more comfortably with wooden cooking tools

Cooking with wooden kitchen tools also means cooking more comfortably. Wood isn’t extremely smooth and therefore can’t slip out of your hands while cooking or when the handle becomes greasy. Also, wood is very lightweight and still is easy to hold. But what makes wooden kitchenware the most comfortable, is that it is heat resistant. If you would leave a metal cooking spoon or spatula in a pot of pan for a couple of minutes, it would get very hot and you could burn yourself. With wood this won’t happen, so you can cook carefree and safely! This is also important for when you want to spend some time in the kitchen with your children. They don’t really know the dangers of the kitchen yet and are more likely to get burned like this. With wooden kitchenware you make the safest choice for as well you as your beloved little sous-chefs!

Wood is a renewable source

rinsing wooden kitchen utensils

Of course there are also a lot of benefits when it comes to the environment. One of the most important ones is that wood is a renewable raw material. A renewable raw material is a raw material that can never be exhausted. Also it has to be possible to supplement the used stock in a short period of time. With wood this is certainly the case because more trees are being planted than wood getting harvested. Everywhere in the world, tons of objects are made from wood and we still have plenty of it. Although, we would like to clarify once again that we are absolutely not in favor of deforestation and that, at Uulki, we choose for wood from sustainably managed forests.

Uulki chooses for sustainable wood

The wood, from which Uulki spatulas, nutcrackers, rolling pins, cutting boards, and so on, are made, originates from sustainably managed forests. This means that we won’t cut down full forests just to be able to make plenty of products. We rather opt for wood from trees that are carefully selected by a forest manager. The forest manager is able to see which trees are suitable for harvesting, without having negative effects for the forest and its inhabitants. As well animals and ecosystems as the forests themselves can continue to exist in peace after harvesting the wood. After that, as many as possible, trees are being planted again, so that the stock becomes inexhaustible. Also, sustainable forest management looks out after our next generations. We can harvest some wood, but the next generations also have to be able to harvest enough wood from those same forests. So sustainable forest management isn’t only important for our generation but also for the generations of your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and so on!

sustainable woodUulki wooden kitchenware is better for the environment than bamboo kitchenware

Finally we want to answer a question we get asked a lot: are bamboo cooking utensils as ecological as Uulki wooden kitchenware? This question must be analyzed in several ways. We can state that bamboo is a more ecological choice than plastic or metal, of course, because bamboo is also a renewable raw material. The biggest difference between Uulki wooden kitchen utensils and bamboo cooking tools is that our products are made from European wood from sustainably managed forests and are also produced in Europe. Like that, we can keep our emissions due to transportation lower than when we would order bamboo products. Bamboo grows in Asia so logically the objects are also made there. After the production, those products still have to come to Europe and this involves a lot of exhaust fumes. So we can answer this question best like this: if you live in Europe, wooden kitchenware made from European wood is way more ecological than bamboo, but if you live in Asia, it’s the other way around!

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