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PRDUIT SPECIAL: Uulki natural wood wax for wooden chopping boards and kitchen utensils

Uulki natural wood wax is the perfect wood care for all your wooden chopping boards and kitchen utensils. A wooden chopping board can be very sturdy, but it suffers a lot… On the one hand, a wooden cutting board suffers lots of scrapes and knocks in a household. On the other hand, it comes into contact with water during cleaning, which is not pleasant for the wood. Uulki natural wood wax addresses these two issues: it gives wooden cutting boards and wooden kitchen utensils a nourishing, protective layer as a result of which your wooden kitchenware will have a longer lifespan. That’s great news for your chopping board, your wallet and the environment!


Uulki natural wood wax for wooden chopping boards and kitchen utensils

  • Can be used for wooden chopping boards, kitchen utensils (cooking spoons, kitchen turners, spatulas, salad servers, kitchen tongs, …), salad bowls, rolling pins, etc. made from wood or bamboo.
  • Uulki wood care is also suitable for wooden kitchen worktops and tables.
  • You can also use it for treating bamboo surfaces.
  • Use on untreated, as well as oil or wax treated wood. Uulki natural wood wax is not suitable for varnished wood and bamboo; except if you first remove the varnish layer so that the product can penetrate the wood.


Extends the lifetime of wooden cutting boards and kitchen utensils

Wooden chopping boards and kitchen utensils will have a longer lifespan if you treat them well. Uulki natural wood wax helps you extend the lifespan of your wooden kitchenware by:

  • nourishing and protecting them from deep within the wood pores
  • helping to prevent drying, splitting and cracking
  • giving wooden kitchenware a protective layer
  • extending the lifetime of wood

Makes your wooden chopping board water repellent

Uulki wood treatment makes the surface of wood and bamboo water repellent. The wood wax & wood oil layer prevents food liquids from penetrating the wood.


100% natural & plant-based / vegan wood wax

Uulki natural wood wax stands out among similar wood care products. Our wood care product contains the ideal blend of natural oils and essential oils. What makes our product unique?
– contains only plant-based / vegan ingredients
– is free from mineral oil, petroleum by-products and solvents
– is stable and will therefore not turn rancid, as opposed to most similar oil based products
– has a mild scent thanks to essential oils
– handmade in Belgium


How to apply Uulki wood wax?

Start with a clean and dry wood or bamboo surface. Take a little bit of paste with a soft cloth (a microfibre cloth will work well), and massage it into the wood in circular movements. Allow it to absorb for 1 hour. Remove surplus paste with a cloth. The first time, perform 2 to 3 times. After that, treat the wood regularly with Uulki natural wood care to ensure maximum protection. This will guarantee a long lifespan. Moreover, this way the water repellent layer can be renewed over and over again.


Uulki natural wood oil for wooden cutting boards and kitchen utensils

Next to the Uulki wood wax, Uulki also has a wood oil for wooden cutting boards and kitchenware. If you want maximum protection for your wooden or bamboo chopping boards and kitchen utensils, it is best to treat them first with Uulki wood oil, and afterwards with Uulki wood wax. The wood oil nourishes and protects wooden kitchenware deeply from deep within the wood pores and prevents drying and cracking. The wood wax gives the surface a water repellent layer. Regularly treat with Uulki wood wax, for example a few times per month. Is your wooden cutting board or kitchenware in a bad state, give them another deep oil treatment before applying wood wax again.


Do you also have your favourite wooden chopping board which you use almost daily? Or do you use the same wooden cooking spoon or spatula every day again? Make your daily wooden cooking aids happy with a nourishing treatment with Uulki wood wax. And don’t forget to take ‘before and after’ pictures so you can witness the difference with your own eyes!